Katsquire was formed in the late 1980's as a fun project by three
  Rock 'n' Roll loving musicians from South Wales: Paul Bale - Drums,
  Piano, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals,  Doc Evans - Bass Guitar,  Acoustic
  Guitar and Vocals, and Rob Davies - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and
  Vocals. The three had played separately with various local and international
  bands and had numerous successful recording projects under their belts.
  After enjoying the energetic shows with the fun style of music,  they  set  
  about recording their first album 'Credit Card Blues', a mixture of original
  songs and some of their favourite covers. As the album sold, the schedule
  became busier and led to the  start  of two  years of  extensive  European
  Touring  in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland  and Austria. The 
  most  success  was  to  be  found  in France,  however, where  a second,
  completely original  album entitled 'Comin’ to your Town' was funded  
  and  released. This led to a promotional tour along with  world wide  
   sales, as well as supporting such great acts as The Commitments, Bill
  Haley's Comets,  Fats Domino,  Screaming Lord Sutch,  Dr Feelgood
  and Jools  Holland.
  After years of touring and song-writing, in the mid 1990's Katsquire
  took time out to pursue other music ventures.  This  was the era of
  the Tribute Show!  Paul created,  managed  and  fronted  the  top
  Blues Brothers Tribute show called The Booze Brothers, Rob joined
  one of Europe's top Beatle tributes, The Bandit Beatles, and Doc went
  on to write and record his own album with great success.
  During this time, Paul and Rob had met up with Jonah Jones (Bass
  Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals). Jonah had earlier spent a
  long period in LA with his band 'Buffalo Creek'  who achieved  huge
  success in America.  The lads  decided to  reform  Katsquire,  adding  a
  different spectrum of music and spreading the genre from Rock 'n' Roll
  to across the board lively,  fun music.
  They soon discovered that, with their wide vocal range (Paul the gruff
  raunchy voice, Rob the solid rock 'n' roll voice, and Jonah the high
  powerful voice) they could accommodate a wide audience to suit
  different tastes. In 1995 the boys started to visit Castlegregory, County
  Kerry in Ireland, mostly for holidays, but the occasional Katsquire
  tour was inevitable! The love of the  people,  the culture  and  the
  musical heritage became addictive over the  next  few years and
  the fun tours became a much bigger prospect once again. Finally
  in 2001, they took the leap and relocated  to  County  Kerry.
  Since relocating,  Rob had to return to Wales.  The
  search for a new guitarist was under way. Top of the
  list was a man called Ben Trigg, who had a reputation
  for his classic powerful guitar sounds and was working
  for Paul's old band  The Booze Brothers.  They  were
  performing to large audiences throughout the UK, Europe
  and Ireland. The Booze Brothers were headlining Puck
  Fair 2006 and Ben instantly took to The Kingdom and
  decided to take on the challenge of a busy, full time,
  professional three-piece band. It was soon obvious that
  Ben was the ideal member to compliment the power
  and energy of Katsquire.  There is a great chemistry
  between these three Welsh musicians, which is clearly
  visible on stage. The phone has not stopped ringing since!
TEL: 066 7130944 / O87 4163873
OFFICE HOURS 2pm - 10pm. EMAIL: katsquire@yahoo.co.uk
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